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In preparation for the International Symposium, we designed a digital roadshow to start an exploration and a dialogue on the topic of Knowledge Innovation. The two episodes of the digital roadshow are designed around 3 rounds each where experts discuss from their point of view and experiences.

First Roadshow: Broadcasting learning - November 27th 2020

On November 27th six amazing professionals talked about their experiences and practices in knowledge innovation in the kick off of the digital #roadshow of our International #Symposium Future Design of Knowledge Innovation!
Is the learning dimension an individual capability or a systemic feature of the organization? How disintermediation between trainers and trainees is changing formats and contents of learning? How can design innovate current learning systems? How do the B2C dynamics influence learning processes? We’ll try to give an answer and navigate through the complexity of #broadcasting learning model with Franco AmicucciCarmelo Di BartoloCarlo GiardinettiMarson KorbiAnna LottersbergerCarlo Mazzone in an interactive debate to discover patterns shaping new ways of managing, transferring and regenerating knowledge within complex organizations and societies.

Hour 1: Marson Korbi and Carlo Mazzone talking about: “Relational learning: spaces + interactions + technology”.

Hour 2: Franco Amicucci and Carlo Giardinetti talking about: “Leading by learning: from life-long to life-wide learning”.

Hour 3: Carmelo di Bartolo and Anna Lottersberger talking about: “Know to knowing, design to designing”.

You can find the streaming recording here.

Second Roadshow: Design Innovation in Collective Learning Systems - February 23rd 2021

If you think about #knowledge what is the first word that comes into you mind?

As Advanced Design Unit of University of Bologna we’ve asked ourselves this question many times and discovered that there cannot be a single answer. Organisational knowledge is a multifaceted topic made of products, processes, strategies, spaces, relations, technologies in which design has a lot to do and say as a mediator of disciplines and anticipator of futures.

What is and will be the relationship between spaces and learning? How do enabling technologies change the learning experience design? How can design innovate current learning systems? How participatory design influences knowledge innovation? How to create a continuous community for knowledge innovation that aggregates research, experience, practices?

We’ll explore these wide topics thanks to the diversified point of view of our great guests:

Hour 1: Mariano Alessandro and David Grossman talking about: “Knowledge Innovation: a call to action for designers“.

Hour 2: Marco Sarracino and Matteo Villa talking about: “Platform learning: networks, relations, opportunities”.

Hour 3: Barbara Bulgarelli and Marcella Contini talking about: “Learning Valley: Knowledge innovation in Emilia-Romagna”.

You can find the streaming recording here.

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