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The Symposium is the opportunity to answer some “breakthrough questions” in a “hybrid” and multidirectional mode. Thanks to an international call (qualitative-quantitative survey) preparatory to the event, all contributions will be aggregated with the following goals:

identify a significant number of expert observers all around the world

conduct a census, catalog, map out and interpret the significant cases related to this phenomenon

create links between past experiences, present situation and future perspectives

gather together scholars and active witnesses, who are conducting experiments all around the world, to exchange insights

put in action this exchange to hold a collective reflection on the theme starting from the Symposium

Please spend 10 minutes of your time to share one or more case studies that you consider relevant in the field of knowledge innovation that we want to investigate as Advanced Design Unit within University of Bologna. Your contribution will be used to analyze the knowledge innovation state of art on a global basis that will be presented next 31st of March 2021 in an International Symposium on Knowledge Innovation and the role of design in advancing its methods, processes and practice.

Thanks in advance for your precious support! Join the call!

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