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In the knowledge society design helps to rethink and redesign knowledge innovation

The Symposium “Future Design for Knowledge Innovation” is an opportunity to start an international debate that will help us to interpret emerging trends on current issues and relevance related to innovation in knowledge and organizational learning practices focusing on: continuous training, new spaces and new processes of social organization and decision-making and technological innovation.

We live, work and interact in a world where the role of knowledge is at the core of economic, social and political agenda and has a significant impact on organizational processes. Training, research, enterprises are integral parts of them in terms of culture, enabling technologies, organizational models, practices and places.

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Please spend 10 minutes of your time to share one or more case studies that you consider relevant in the field of knowledge innovation that we want to investigate as Advanced Design Unit within University of Bologna. Your contribution will be used to analyze the knowledge innovation state of art on a global basis that will be presented on March 31st 2021 in the International Symposium on Knowledge Innovation and the role of design in advancing its methods, processes and practice.

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